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At Least 60 Temporary Employees Pulled from Local Call Center


Bryan, TX, USA, July, 2017 -- Multiple sources say that dozens of temporary employees are now out of work after a staffing agency terminated its contract with a local call center.

Those sources, who have all asked to remain anonymous, say Staffing Texas announced Tuesday it will no longer staff Greenwood Hall's location in Bryan.

The decision means an estimated 60 temporary employees are no longer working at the center, according to those who have reached out to us about the situation. At least three employees tell KBTX the decision is based on the fact Greenwood Hall has failed to pay the staffing agency for its services.

A couple dozen people hired directly by Greenwood Hall are still employed at the center, said our sources.

In a statement to KBTX, a Greenwood Hall representative said the company was "running business as usual."

That statement read in part:
"To date, Staffing Texas has received full payment for services up to as recently as this Monday. They have not advised us that they have terminated their contract with us, nor do we wish to terminate. In addition, Staffing Texas did not inform or notify us prior to suddenly pulling 60 employees off the floor, so naturally, it came as a complete shock to us. To our knowledge, everything was fine. Currently, we are trying to connect with the agency for further clarification as to their surprising actions.

We are absolutely committed to Bryan and employ over 100 people there. Not only do we need these individuals, we want to continue to ensure they remain gainfully employed! Furthermore, every one of our employees has been paid and we have bank records to substantiate same."

The California-based company has struggled financially, and has a history of bouncing employee paychecks, according to multiple former and current employees who have reached out to KBTX.

On Monday, several employees told us they were unable to find a business or bank in town that would cash their last paycheck.

Greenwood Hall is a education technology company that partners with colleges and universities to improve student engagement and outcomes. It has locations in California and Arizona.

On Monday, the company's CEO, John Hall, wrote in an e-mail to KBTX that his company did not have any payroll issues.

However, internal emails obtained by KBTX's Rusty Surette from current employees, tell a different story.

Hall said in one memo dated July 6, that "we lost some important clients and long-standing team members. We have struggled to meet some of our most basic obligations. Things became even more challenging when large clients were late in paying. This week, we had two clients, whose payments were expected a month ago. One of these client’s payments equaled and entire payroll. While the payment is expected tomorrow or Monday, the delay has been more than challenging."

On April 24, 2017, the company issued this news release announcing a positive revenue growth in its previous quarter compared to 2016.

On Monday the Texas Workforce Commission said it has not received any complaints from workers who have not been paid, but it encourages anyone who feels they've been wronged by a company to contact them.


Posted by Veronica Silva Cusi, news correspondent
Source: http://www.kbtx.com

Date Posted: Friday, July 21, 2017

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