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NewVoiceMedia Unveils Speech Analytics Solution


San Francisco, August 2017 -- NewVoiceMedia announced its Summer ’17 release which includes a new,  integrated speech analytics solution set to make organizations’ sales and service teams more successful. Working together with the latest platform enhancements ContactWorld will continue to optimize its customers’ contact center management and operations, enabling them to efficiently deliver a more personal customer experience.

Moni Manor, chief product officer at NewVoiceMedia, comments, "These real, emotional connections with prospects and customers are the times when people are most engaged with your company, as they are sharing thoughts, seeking help or making purchases. It’s important that this rich data source doesn’t go to waste. With Conversation Analyzer you can monitor these interactions, extract insight from them and use that to drive actions and be more effective in all your conversations."

According to Gartner, "Although the technologies are more accurate and scalable than they were a few years ago, speech analytics solutions have not yet become widely adopted. Organizational interest is high, however, due to their potential to uncover insights that can enhance operational efficiency, help better understand the customer experience and reduce churn. The availability of software as a service (SaaS)-based solutions is reducing the barrier to entry for what is commonly viewed as a luxury customer engagement center technology investment, due to its traditionally high cost and deployment complexity. Technological advancement will further improve accuracy and scalability. Organizational investment will gradually increase within the contact center, as part of a holistic corporate analytics strategy. Interest from other buying centers, such as marketing, is also increasing due to the associated relevance of insights."

Manor adds, "We are committed to investing in the development of our global cloud contact center and inside sales platform to continue offering customers the best possible technology on the market and crystal-clear voice around the globe. The enhancements unveiled in our Summer release will help make organizations’ sales and service teams more successful and build more personal relationships with every customer and prospect."


Date Posted: Thursday, August 3, 2017

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