If you’re like most large enterprise companies, your customers are reaching out to you on numerous channels, whether that be on social, mobile, chat, traditional phone or email. This means that your customer records and data are probably scattered across various systems, leading to a very fragmented view of your customers. In fact, Gartner research tells us most enterprise organizations have at least two separate applications for CRM and social for CRM, and many have far more than 50 across business domains.

Does this sound problematic? We think so too. That’s why we’ve built out an Open CRM API which allows brands to easily get a comprehensive picture of their customers by connecting the context-rich customer data in Sparkcentral with any CRM they have in-house, whether it’s Salesforce, Genesys or something totally custom and homegrown.

Get customer context with the Open CRM API

The Open CRM API provides brands with a unified view of the customer and empowers agents to deliver the best service possible. The Open CRM API connector pulls in customer contact information such as phone numbers, emails and other identifiers from CRM platforms, creating a more streamlined and contextual experience for customers, agents and managers. Because it is built to be easily customized, configured, and mapped to any existing CRM, contact data can be linked in seconds.

Verify customers securely

Many brands are faced with the problem of connecting social customer identities (such as twitter handles) with their contact record in a CRM. With Secure Authentication, brands can collect and verify customers’ sensitive information in a secure manner, without asking them to share it publicly on social networks. Personally identifiable information (PII) can be connected with unique customer attributes within a CRM, eliminating the need to deflect customers to other channels when verifying them. Once verified, a secure connection is maintained and updated over time, ensuring customers don’t have to repeat this information and agents know exactly who the customer is.

Why is this important?

Two big sources of user data—CRM and social media—come together perfectly to provide a truly comprehensive customer profile, allowing brands to be more personalized and relevant with every customer interaction. Because agents can get a complete picture of the customer in one platform, there is also less time wasted toggling between different systems and tabs. Fragmented customer experiences that force customers to jump from channel to channel are eliminated, and customers no longer have to repeat themselves to multiple agents on multiple channels. As a result, agents are empowered to deliver the best and fastest service possible, ultimately driving productivity and efficiency gains. Handle times are reduced, the amount of conversations handled increases, and cost per conversation decreases. By syncing customer records across social customer care and existing CRM systems, brands will create a competitive advantage and see a change in both value for customers and ROI for the business.

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Source: http://www.sparkcentral.com/blog/integrate-social-customer-records-crm/