CRM and Workforce Management Connectors, Plus Strategic Partnerships Help Brands Run Social and Mobile Customer Service More Efficiently and Enhance the Customer Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – May 24, 2016) – Sparkcentral, the leading enterprise customer engagement platform, today announced major platform developments, CRM integrations and key strategic partnerships to better connect and scale social customer service within the contact center.

While most brands today recognize customer interactions on social media should be handled by customer service teams, most contact centers haven’t yet evolved their organization or technology infrastructure to adapt to the social revolution and the ever-connected, multi-modal customer.

Gartner reports less than 1% of organizations are doing anything to reconcile social and legacy customer data. In order to provide a unified customer experience, customer service agents, marketers, digital commerce professionals and salespeople must have a 360-degree view of the customer they are interacting with (How to Incorporate Social Data for CRM Into Your Quest for a 360-Degree View of the Customer). Additionally, Gartner predicts that through 2017, companies that avoid taking steps to unify social data with CRM and other customer records will mishandle interactions and annoy customers, resulting in a potential 25% reduction in revenue gains. To meet this challenge, Sparkcentral’s newly released Open CRM API offers brands a simple way to connect and sync customer records across social customer care and existing CRM systems.

“To make social customer service a truly viable, full-scale channel, enterprises need reliable ways to connect disparate legacy systems and create one unified view of the customer, whether customers are interacting with a brand by phone, Twitter, Facebook or even messaging channels like WeChat,” said Davy Kestens, CEO of Sparkcentral.

“Sparkcentral’s Open CRM API and workforce management connectors are designed to link and integrate customer interactions across social and mobile channels seamlessly into the enterprise’s overall customer experience strategy — these platform developments are a critical next step towards truly integrated customer care.”

Breaking down data silos for a unified view of the customer

To solve customer issues quickly on any channel, the contact center must be where a brand’s customer service technology comes together, creating a well-oiled, data-driven machine. With the right contact center technology and processes in place, companies can deliver amazing service without forcing customers to channel-hop, asking customers for information repeatedly, or simply taking too long to identify them.

Sparkcentral’s Open CRM API enables brands to:

  • Import customer records and data from any CRM and populate existing Sparkcentral contacts to enrich each customer’s profile
  • Safely verify customer identities on social channels in a matter of seconds and automatically sync that information with CRMs, when combined with Sparkcentral’s industry-first Secure Authentication service
  • Connect customer records from Genesys CRM, Oracle CRM, and any custom-built CRMs to Sparkcentral via the API and help customer service agents better serve ‘in-the-moment’ customers with the context they need.

“Sparkcentral’s industry-first Secure Authentication service has already been a huge success for our partners’ social customer care teams,” said Jerry Fletcher, VP Customer Success, Sparkcentral.

“Our brands are now able to extend this powerful, time-saving integration so care agents have even more customer context at their fingertips the moment they need it. By leveraging the Open CRM API, brands can deliver the best possible customer experience and serve customers on social channels in the same capacity as they do on the phone, via email or other traditional modes of customer support.”

Connecting Salesforce and Sparkcentral to close the loop on vital customer information

As the world’s largest and most widely used CRM, Salesforce is a critical business tool for finding and supporting customers. Sparkcentral today announced a new out-of-the-box Salesforce integration that enables companies to link contacts and conversation histories in Sparkcentral with Salesforce customer records. By integrating with Salesforce, Sparkcentral can enable brands to close the loop between sales and support and reap the benefits of up-to-the-minute customer support and engagement context across the contact center.

Sparkcentral for Salesforce provides a two-way integration with new functionality:

  • Access Salesforce customer records from Sparkcentral and enrich social customer profiles with critical contact level attributes like case numbers, personal identification information, and membership statuses
  • Sync Sparkcentral conversation histories with Salesforce contact profiles and gain a more holistic view of customers across both platforms.

Forecasting social interactions and optimizing customer service teams

Forecasting social media interactions across Twitter, Facebook and other channels is not yet a science for brands in the way voice or ticketing support has become. In order to improve the analytics and reporting around social interaction volume and help enterprises staff customer service teams effectively, the Sparkcentral platform can now connect and share data to Aspect, Calabrio and Verint workforce management platforms. With these new integrations, enterprises can download agent performance data and empower managers to integrate social care metrics into forecasting.

To bring these critical integrations to the Sparkcentral Customer Engagement Platform, new strategic partnerships with key contact center technology providers including Genesys and Calabrio have also been announced today. These partnerships will ensure that the technology solutions are able to pass important information to one another and deliver a streamlined customer and agent experience.

San Francisco-based Sparkcentral has deep roots in transforming modern customer service as one of the first platforms to provide brands a way to support and engage with customers on social and mobile channels. Having added support for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and in-app messaging, in the last year the team has quadrupled in size and continued to add global brands to its client roster including T-Mobile, Discover, Netflix, Delta Air Lines, Zappos, Uber and JetBlue. Sparkcentral was also just awarded Best Customer Service Solution in the 2016 CODiE Awards in business technology. In an era of the empowered, hyper-connected customer, Sparkcentral is the only enterprise-grade customer engagement platform that enables brands to proactively deliver personalized and amazing customer experiences at scale across any modern messaging channel.

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