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Pivotal Data Deploys Extensible Cloud for Cloud-hosted Contact Centre Environment


Johannesburg, South Africa, Oct 5, 2020 -- Pivotal Data, a contact centre and customer experience solution provider, has leveraged the cloud-hosted environment of VMware Cloud verified partner Silicon Sky to facilitate the expansion of its cloud-hosted contact centre environment to assist customers with rapid migration to the cloud.

"As a cloud-centric contact centre solutions provider, uptime is a critical element of our value proposition. As more of our clients see the need to leverage the business benefits of the cloud, so we had to deliver the availability they require in a way that could not be offered by traditional on-premises solutions," says Corne Grobbelaar, Product Development Executive at Pivotal Data.

"Building a contact centre that can scale according to customer needs while still delivering redundancy for mission-critical data and systems is a priority. It is a case of empowering our customers with the means to operate effective customer engagement irrespective of where they are working from. So, naturally, this is where the cloud comes into play."

According to Grobbelaar, one of the most significant benefits of going the cloud-hosted and cloud-consumption route with Silicon Sky is the fact that Pivotal Data can provide its clients with always-on availability. It has been working with Silicon Sky since 2012, which supplies the company with hosted server and backup infrastructure from Teraco data centres on its VMware cloud, which is built on a VMware Cloud Foundation including VMware Cloud Director, NSX, vSphere, vCenter and VSAN with VMware Cloud Director Availability.

"Today we are using dedicated data centre technology for our customers and delivering virtualised services to provide an extensive hybrid offering. This is essential, especially within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown restrictions in the country that necessitated a remote working approach. Using Silicon Sky’s infrastructure, our clients can literally work from anywhere with the Pivotal Data solutions being available as they are needed and from the cloud," adds Grobbelaar.

"With a more extensible and even more powerful cloud environment, if we land a large contract today, we can easily spin up a contact centre and replicate it in real-time. Furthermore, we now have the flexibility and scalability to instantaneously migrate our clients to the cloud. This positions us as a truly cloud-based communications and collaboration service provider," adds Grobbelaar.

"Pivotal Data has already seen a massive uptake with regards to remote agents from clients using the cloud-based contact centre environment. The lockdown has resulted in more of our clients wanting to effortlessly scale up or down and move agents around using different digital channels," says Grobbelaar.

"For us it is critical to continue delivering exceptional service, and the cloud-based scenario enables that more effectively than before; it has also been the catalyst for our continued innovation in our business. Our roadmap centres on our ability to respond quickly and without hesitation to our clients' needs, without technology being an inhibitor. Through our continued investment into the infrastructure from which we deliver our solutions, we can meet these customer requirements and scale customers to the cloud without hesitation," concludes Grobbelaar.


Posted by Veronica Silva Cusi, news correspondent
Source: https://www.itweb.co.za

Date Posted: Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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