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Emergency Medical Services - An Important Component of Healthcare Ecosystem Fighting COVID-19 in India


Mumbai, India, June 10, 2020 -- Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. (ZHL), an Asian EMS service provider company, shares the data on 'How EMS service has tackled the pandemic situation across India.' The information is gathered through its operations in Madhya Pradesh , Odisha, Punjab and Jharkand with 446 ambulances on ground and more than 8000 EMS healthcare workers on the frontline fighting the war against COVID-19. The company is working in partnership with the state government in these states and supporting relentlessly in handling this critical situation.

ZHL, which presently operates the helplines 104/108 that support the COVID handling, had to scale up their operations and base as per the guidelines and advisory from the health ministry, in short span of time in hand to manage 10x of calls inflow a day, which meant increasing the manpower at the call centers, engaging more paramedics and EMTs on ground, having a dedicated fleet on highly advanced and equipped ambulances for COVID patients, scaling up the technology support, training of healthcare workers on COVID handling etc. While doing this they also ensured staff safety at workplace, ensured sitting arrangements were done with social distancing norms, fumigation of office at frequent intervals or providing buses for their transfers or making food and stay arrangements. All this was done with efficient management of shift timings which were managed from 12hrs to 24hrs to cater to heavy call inflows.

104 Helpline was also instrumental in directing the calls for transfers of COVID-19 suspected/confirmed patients to 108 Helpline. The Helpline further ensured that the call is sent to the ambulance deputed to transfer COVID suspected/confirmed cases. ZHL is diligently looking into every call and transfer related to COVID-19 with utmost care as per the protocols received by the Government. Its team comprising of Paramedic and the Driver follow all caution to ensure the well being of its staff to avoid any cross-infection to the patient or their family.

With the primus objective to serve the nation and its people in such trial times, EMS as a unit has been extremely efficient and effective in handling the pandemic along side the other healthcare entities such as doctors, nurses, care givers and hospitals.

Elaborating on this note, Mr. Naresh Jain - Chief Executive Office at Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. said, " Looking at the current situation in healthcare industry, which is working persistently towards controlling the effects of pandemic, EMS has mounted as one of the most important element in the healthcare sector. Our efforts have been to implement all safety norms both at call centre or ambulance is being followed as staff safety is our key priority while dealing with pandemic. Also like to add that their contribution has proven that Nation comes first and we are all in it together. Considering its role in today's time, we would like to urge the government to consider EMS as a sector under Healthcare. This would help us tremendously in terms of quality, services rendered, skilled manpower etc."

EMS service providers have been in discussion with the government on recognising it as a sector under the healthcare industry, which would have immense benefits not only to the provider to scale up the quality but to the general public who avail the services. This would help the service provisers reach the length and breath of the country, ensuring everyone's right to healthcare service, without its financial strata. The inclusion would also make the operating process easier and faster.

Curently, ZHL has 10,000 direct and indirect workforce handling its entire operations, EMS could be one of the leading job creaters for India with a projected 1.5-2 lacs workforce required by 2025. With India facing the gruesome issue of unemployment among its rural population, this would give a boost and ensure development on that front.

With the growing need of efficient healthcare ecosystem in India, EMS would be an important growth component to drive the quality of life of the people.


Posted by Veronica Silva Cusi, news correspondent
Source: https://www.prnewswire.com

Date Posted: Friday, June 12, 2020

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