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Teleinfo Media in Thailand Transitions its Outsourced Call Center Service to the Cloud with Tikal Call Center


Tikal Center, a developer of business communications technologies for intelligent call center operations and services, and Teleinfo Media PLC. (TMC), a provider of outsourced contact center services for businesses in Thailand, jointly announced that TMC has expanded its usage of the Cloud-based Tikal Call Center to maintain the service operations of its customers while its call center agents work from home under ongoing social distancing restrictions.

TMC is a provider of outsourced call center services in Thailand and a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Information Services (AIS), a mobile operator in Thailand.

TMC began working with the Tikal Call Center two years ago as part of a strategic executive decision to transition its outsourced call center service to the Cloud. During this time, TMC has moved many of its existing customers from a legacy system to the Tikal Call Center and now onboards all newly acquired customers to the Tikal Call Center.

This strategic decision to move its outsourced call center service to the Cloud and expand its usage of the Tikal Call Center has allowed TMC to continue providing uninterrupted and high quality service during the Coronavirus outbreak and allow customers to maintain their service operations during the current work-from-home scenarios.

In compliance with ongoing government mandates regarding social distancing, a majority of TMC’s staff are currently working from home. The modern web-based architecture of the Tikal Call Center allows TMC managers, supervisors and agents to securely access and run the system functionality, including all reporting, monitoring and call recording capabilities, from any web browser.

These TMC agents that are working from home are assigned remote access from their managers and are connecting to the Tikal Call Center over a secure VPN connection. Using the Tikal Call Center softphone installed on their laptops and other mobile devices, TMC agents are continuing to receive inbound calls and make outbound calls at home or any remote location as if they were in the office. The Tikal Call Center has also been configured so that TMC agents can be transferred internal and external calls to their mobile phones over all available network connections.

"Our Cloud strategy has established a solid foundation for improving the call center services we provide to both our large enterprise and small business customers," said Kamolkarn Niltasuwan, Managing Director of TMC. "Tikal is a key partner in the success of delivering our services from the Cloud and strengthen our leadership position in the market for outsourced call center services, even in the current situation of the Covid-19 crisis."

"Today, the service operations enabled by a call center can be considered critical infrastructure for maintaining business continuity during the current work-from-home scenarios and for future social distancing requirements," explained Doron Dovrat, CEO of Tikal Center. "TMC and its Cloud-based strategy are clearly the future of call center operations and services."


Date Posted: Thursday, May 28, 2020

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