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The Fine Art of Inclusive Customer Service

No one likes to be left out! No one deserves to be excluded! No one asks to be ignored! But that is what is happening daily in our Customer Service environments!

We cater for the mainstream, the bulk of our clients and we tend to treat them like sheep or rather as "lambs for the slaughter"! We get them in and we get them out! As quick as possible, as many as possible! But, occasionally and I mean occasionally, this does not happen. Customer service steps up, and shouts "STOP"!

We won’t tolerate this exclusionary behavior any longer and it opens its mind to new possibilities, ideas and suggestions. Customer Service gets on board and carves new paths to inclusion and customer service improvements. Customer Service evolves.

Customer Service reduces the speed on the conveyer belt of calls and puts more hands on the job! Hands in this instance being the "operative" word.

Having recently watched the Starbucks Video, where in Florida, Starbucks have implemented a webcam live display at their drive through to cater for the large number of deaf customers in the area, you start to realize, that it is time, we did more of this.

Its time, we noticed who our customers are, what they like and figure out additional ways to include them in our strategies and technologies.

It is time we became more "inclusionary" than "exclusionary", it’s time we started to care about who our customer is and how we go about making their day easier.

Customer service is after all, not about "us" it’s about our customer and how we can service them more efficiently, effectively and inclusively, no matter who they are!

About VAsoft :
VASoft is a specialist telephony development company. In other words, we develop unique, one of a kind Customer Care solutions, based specifically on your custom requirements. We don't believe that Customer service comes out of a "one size fits all" box. You are unique and so should your service be! If your anything like us, then possibly you could be feeling, a little flustered, over whelmed, insecure and intimidated. It's ok, your not alone. Looking forward to connecting with you

Date Published : 12/2/2015 12:00:00 AM

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