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Israeli Startup Revolutionizing Technology for 911 Calls to Improve Response Times


Tel-Aviv, Israel, March, 2019 -- Dialing 911 in an emergency is something that we’ve all been instructed to do since childhood. And old-fashioned, simple dialing is what most of us are still doing, even in an age of far more sophisticated technology.

This is despite the fact that most of us are no longer calling emergency dispatch services from plain old landlines, but from mobile phones that allow a plethora of critical information – such as exact location or video footage – to be transmitted to call responders.

Israeli startup Carbyne, harnesses the power of mobile phones in the emergency services field. Its call center solution and mobile app track the caller’s precise location and use the phone’s microphone and camera to gauge the event and surroundings.

And now Carbyne is partnering with erstwhile competitor RapidSOS of New York to further enhance emergency response. RapidSOS enables connected devices (smartphones, wearables and connected cars, for example) to transmit data such as accurate location, medical data and car telematics data to 911 systems.

With the integration of RapidSOS data into Carbyne’s technology, call takers will receive accurate location information and secured emergency data regarding the caller, leading to decreased response time and improved efficiency.

"We are excited to add RapidSOS’ data into our public safety solutions," says Carbyne founder and CEO Amir Elichai. "Carbyne’s approach to next-generation 911 has always been based on gathering as much info about a caller as possible, as quickly as possible, and using technology, analytics and AI to transform that data into useful, actionable information to present to call takers and dispatchers."

"This approach has been very successful, with our clients seeing 65 percent reductions in average 911 call time without having to upgrade other systems or equipment. With RapidSOS now enriching our data even more, we expect to see even greater reductions," he added.


Posted by Veronica Silva Cusi, news correspondent
Source: http://www.thetower.org

Date Posted: Monday, April 1, 2019

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