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CX Startup Officium Labs Launches WorkForward Brand


San Mateo, CA, USA, July 7, 2021 -- Officium Labs, a customer experience startup, has launched a new suite of enhanced workforce management (WFM) tools under the brand "WorkForward." Powered by popular SpreadsheetScheduler.com technology, the new capabilities further supplement the Officium ServiceStack(R) for call center management.

The technology behind WorkForward has been trusted by hundreds of brands to more efficiently schedule call center resources.

"As we continue to build the future of service, WFM is a strategic consideration. It enables the type of service that delivers ROI and protects upwards of 25% of a company's revenue," says Jonathan Shroyer, co-founder and CEO of Officium Labs, which acquired SpreadsheetScheduler.com in March.

The WorkForward tools combine technology developed by SpreadsheetScheduler.com with WFM concepts Shroyer began developing early in his CX career, as he was looking to establish balance in a complex support environment. "Each week, service levels were not achieved on any intervals. There was a lot of tension between the WFM team and the Service Delivery teams," Shroyer says of that early experience. "So, I started to research what creates balance in a staffing and capacity system and how that benefits the end customer." He then developed a WFM approach that dramatically improved service-level achievement (SLA) and other performance metrics while enabling Service Delivery to hit >95% adherence targets. His account saved about 15% in total resource cost and hit expected staffing and capacity system performance targets. A new WFM way was born.

Since then, Shroyer has continued refining these WFM concepts. "I've further modularized the staffing and capacity system to be plug and play," he says, "and adapted the framework to govern a module system or end-to-end approach, depending on stakeholder ROI choices and guidance."

Shroyer is proud of the results WorkForward has achieved for Officium clients. "Many times over, we have achieved SLA targets, forecast accuracy +/-10%, increase in CSAT, and usually around 10% cost savings across the enterprise. WFM is not always the most exciting topic to discuss, but, in my experience, building a framework that governs your resources—where they work, how they work, and their quality of work—will pay dividends 10 times over."


Posted by Veronica Silva Cusi, news correspondent
Source: https://www.prnewswire.com

Date Posted: Friday, July 9, 2021

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