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Zoho One Announces Updates to Zoho One, New Apps, AI, Analytics and Zia Search


Pleasanton, CA USA, July 31, 2018 -- Today Zoho announced major updates to Zoho One, its flagship suite of applications designed to put businesses completely in the cloud. Launched in July 2017, this all-in-one solution includes apps that run sales and marketing, finance and HR, operations and business intelligence.

One year later, Zoho One is enabling a new set of capabilities that bridge the gap between different departments and roles within an organization: Zia—Zoho's AI—will soon respond to user queries by combining information from multiple apps; Zoho One's new Analytics delivers a deeper, more contextual picture of business operations by blending data from apps across the suite; and a new unified Search feature can execute across multiple applications, bringing back richer results that significantly reduce the time and effort needed to find the right data.

"The adoption of Zoho One has exceeded our expectations, and we hope to continue this momentum into its second year. The stats clearly show that customers will use multiple apps from a single suite, if those apps work together more deeply than a patchwork of products from different vendors," said Raju Vegesna, chief evangelist at Zoho. "We see customers combining data from different Zoho and third-party apps—like email campaigns, CRM, customer support, and accounting—to generate new insights and make better decisions. Zoho One has already replaced more than 650 different products, and that number will only grow as we release even more new apps."

"Zia for Zoho One, the new Dashboard, and Zia Search are organization-wide tools designed to give our customers deeper understanding of their businesses," said Vegesna, "This kind of unified data ecosystem is only possible because all of Zoho’s 40+ applications have been built from scratch, over the last two decades, on the same technology base."

"Businesses are now looking for more integration and automation to simplify workloads for users, make quicker and more informed decisions, and deliver better experiences to customers. And they are gravitating towards vendors who can deliver that combination. To already have more than 12,000 businesses using Zoho One within its first year, ranging from one to 20,000 users, proves the value proposition of Zoho's integrated platform appeals to companies of all sizes," said Brent Leary, Partner at CRM Essentials. "With so many apps integrated together, Zoho One not only makes it easier for businesses to work more efficiently, but having this integrated data structure allows Zoho to leverage its AI and machine learning technologies to provide users a more diverse and complete data set. This has the potential to combine productivity gains with more impactful customer insights, giving businesses a competitive advantage."

"Zoho One has brought our company closer together. What started out as a North America implementation for 50 users and ended up being a global roll-out for more than 500 employees. Not only do we rely on Zoho One for all intra-company communications, we find ourselves executing more efficiently due to the shared data and analytics we now have across departments and offices. Whether it is through Projects, CRM, Reports, or Connect, all of us have one single source of customer data and work more effectively as one team to serve our distributors and end-users. We’ll continue to explore applications on Zoho One—this is just the beginning of further system expansion we can achieve as a Zoho customer." - Amanda Dolan, Head of CRM, Purolite

"The retail landscape is evolving rapidly and has increasingly become dominated by major online players. As the largest retailer in New Zealand, with more than 200 locations across the globe, it is crucial for us to stay ahead of the landscape changes and be as agile as possible. The breadth of apps within Zoho One has allowed our more than 12,000 employees to work more seamlessly as one team and gives us the ability to communicate real-time across teams and offices. Having data on one platform has also streamlined how we service customers and has unleashed incredible energy within our company. Our response times have been reduced significantly, from days to where we are now able to resolve customer issues in real-time. Zoho One is truly the Operating System for any business!" - Timothy Kasbe, Chief Information and Digital Office, The Warehouse Group

"As a fast-growing solar company in the Northeast, we needed a comprehensive but consolidated solution that not only suited our current needs but our future requirements as well. Customer satisfaction is our priority, thus it is critical for both sales and operations to access real-time customer status within a single platform. From lead acquisition to installation management, through the final billing, having all our platforms joined in Zoho One helps us track every interaction throughout the customer journey. This has allowed us to work with our customers more efficiently. Having various operational departments all able to work within a single platform has also saved us significant time as Zoho One makes information sharing across apps and channels seamless. We weren’t able to accomplish this prior to Zoho One due to disconnected platforms and the many redundancies that were present with different users, logins, and basic credentials. Our business has grown rapidly, and the ability to scale our operations and adapt to industry changes as efficiently as we have would not have been possible without Zoho One." - Ben Sopczyk, Director of Marketing, Apex Solar Company


Posted by Veronica Silva Cusi, news correspondent
Source: Zoho

Date Posted: Thursday, August 2, 2018

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