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Rajasthan Farmers Develop App, Call-Centre & Agri-Services


Jaipur, India, Oct 21, 2019 -- Living in a remote area in Rajasthan, Balvinder Singh, a farmer, had to travel for three hours from his home and back from a decent agricultural shop. "To collect even basic agricultural inputs like seeds, I would have to travel 35 kms one way on my bike and 70 kms in total. Every trip, I would end up spending on petrol," says the 25-year-old. Balvinder is one of many farmers across the country facing this problem, among several others.

This was his situation four years back. Now, things have changed for the young farmer who grows different varieties of cotton and rice in his 4.6 acre land in Hindu Malkot village, Gandhinaga district.

"Whatever input I want for agriculture, I can just call AgriBolo and they deliver it right at my doorstep. I don’t have to spend any money or time on commuting," says Balvinder.

Rajasthan-based AgriBolo was founded on 13 April 2016 under the company Agrilife technologies Pvt. Ltd., by brothers Arvind Godara and Ajeet Godara. The startup helps farmers with home delivery of agricultural inputs, and e-trading services via their call centre and AgriBolo app.

Agribolo was incubated on 30 June 2019, by the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), an international organisation which conducts agricultural research for rural development, headquartered in Patancheru in Telengana.

So far, about 25,000 farmers have already downloaded the app and use it regularly and as for their call centre, they solve about 2,000 queries daily.

Arvind, the 39-year-old co-founder tells The Better India, "We began this startup because coming from a family of farmers, we saw a big gap in the rural sector. Our objective is to provide farmers with all-inclusive farming services that the entire farming community can benefit from. The whole idea is to energise the entire agri ecosystem."
Farm Services On the Go

The start-up provides a long list of services which farmers can avail via the AgriBolo app available in the English and Hindi languages. Farmers like Balvinder don’t have to travel long distances in search of agricultural inputs anymore.

In addition to that, Balvinder says that AgriBolo also gives him expert advice on the right farm practices. "Everytime the plant goes through a pest attack or I am confused about the fertiliser, I click a picture and WhatsApp it to AgriBolo and they provide the solution immediately," he informs.

"Although, all the farmers live in the rural areas, it is quite ironic that they have to travel long distances even for small inputs like seeds. Even the tractor showrooms are located in semi-urban and urban areas and not where farmers need them. The agricultural sector is scattered and the supply chain is extremely poor," says Arvind.

AgriBolo’s ‘Agrimart’, is a one stop marketplace where farmers can buy seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and even get these home delivered free of cost. It also provides rental services for farm equipment like tractors, which require heavy investment. The farmers can pay per use and rent it for a certain duration of time depending on their requirement.

A lot of times farmers find it difficult to find a marketplace to sell their produce. Sometimes, fearing wastage and transport fares, farmers are forced to sell their produce at whatever rates they get at the market. AgriBolo wants to prevent this situation by providing the e-trading service which gives farmers bargaining power.

The farmer can enter their produce details on the app or call on AgriBolo’s toll free number for help. Thereafter, they can go to a point near the village where the AgriBolo ground staff helps in weighing and packaging the produce after which it is kept in their warehouse.

A sample of this produce is then taken to the marketplace and the price quoted is conveyed to the farmer. If the farmer rejects the offer, the produce continues to be stored in the warehouse for free up to 15 days. After this they charge Rs.6 per quintal for a month for the storage services.


Posted by Veronica Silva Cusi, news correspondent
Source: https://www.thebetterindia.com

Date Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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