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What will ZaiLab and VoiceBase’s New Partnership Bring to Customer Analytics?


A new partnership between an AI-powered voice analytics provider and a cloud-based
communications platform promises to drive a new era of real-time interaction insight.
ZaiLab, a relative newcomer to the omnichannel communications scene, is already
making waves with its take on client communications as a service. When the
company’s crew encountered respected voice-analytics trailblazer VoiceBase at
Orlando expo Enterprise Connect, it was a partnership at first sight.

The specifics of the partnership are still under wraps, but the companies have hinted at
the exciting potential of real-time speech analytics in the realms of sales, quality
management and the end-customer experience in general.

‘Imagine if you could read your customer’s mind over the phone,’ says ZaiLab product
owner Catherine Collins. ‘That’s the sort of thing we’re talking about – but it’s only a part
of what we’re talking about. With so much competition around, customer loyalty is
starting to boil down to the companies they legitimately trust and like. Coupled with our
easy setup, our AI-governed routing and consumption-based pricing, this development
means great things for businesses – especially smaller businesses – that want a
significant edge in this new affection economy.’

Says VoiceBase CEO Walter Bachtiger, ‘I think we can deliver a lot of benefits for
customers in ways that I just don't see anywhere else. We’re going to take all the
thousands of calls’ worth of audio that comes into ZaiLab’s system and extract
knowledge from it to find trends that will allow you to predict and automate a lot of
interactions. I think what you'll see is going to be absolutely mind-blowing.’


Date Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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