Terms applying to the TopPlace2work Program
By entering the program the company ‘organisation using’ agrees to all the terms below.
  1. Entering does not guarantee certification. Certification is only available to employers who can demonstrate exceptionally high staff satisfaction scores of at least 80% or more in one or more surveys. To be certified an audit process has to be completed to validate the data - this is available at a fee and based on number of staff to be surveyed
  2. For certification, the employer must meet the requirements in terms of the number of responses needed to achieve a statistically accurate 90% confidence rating with 5% margin of error - the exact number is available on the entry form.
  3. No individual data will be shared - all responses are confidential and grouped. Employers will have a report on the average of the group. Although we request personal information on those completing the survey, this is not passed on to the employer at any time ensuring employee confidentiality. All responses are attributable to a company. The company names and scores are confidential. This data will not be shared with anyone without the written consent from the company entering the program. Data from across several companies may be grouped and averaged as group data for benchmarking purposes and no individual companies will be identified in any grouped data results.
  4. In the event any employee is pressed into providing positive responses on behalf of their employer, the employer will be disqualified from the program.
  5. In the event an employer receives submissions from employees at locations other than those specified in the application process, these will be considered void.
  6. A one time entry fee for the custom program is payable once for the year. There is no fee payable for any company using the program without customization and/or without certification.
  7. The TopPlace2Work logo can only be used by certified companies in the location it is earned. Any company wrongfully claiming certification at any stage shall be subject to legal action.
  8. Each certification lasts for 12 months and an employer can display previously earned certification logos without penalty - each must show the year it was awarded.
  9. (the awarding body) can change or amend the program at any stage.
  10. by default, may use the name and location of any company that has achieved ‘certified’ status in this program for the purpose of marketing.