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Best CX Branch / Retail Service Award Questions

1.)What type of industry sector would describe your company best? (Please select the closest one)

2.)What kind of customers does your branch/retail network (from here on referred to as the network) serve?

3.)What is the primary function of the network? (Please tick all that apply)

4.)Please describe the overall strategy behind the network and how it contributes to the overall success of your organization.

5.)How many locations are part of the network in the country you are based in?

6.)How many staff work in the network in the country you are based in? (FTE = full time equivalent i.e. 2 part time staff working 8 hours = 1 full time)
Full Time
Part Time
Total FTE

7.)How do you measure the success of your network? Please be specific and not just a title, but a description for each measure .

8.)What method(s) do you use to collect customer feedback on a customers experience with your network? (Please select all that apply.)

9.)What is the frequency with which you measure customer satisfaction with your network?

10.)What are your current customer satisfaction scores and what were they the same period 12 months ago?

11.)What would you regard as the most surprising outcome as a result of measuring customer satisfaction?

12.)What actions have you taken as a result of measuring customer satisfaction? (Please select all that apply.)

13.)Do you measure staff morale/motivation/engagement in the network?

14.)What are your current scores and define the scale used? i.e. out of 100 / out of 5 etc.

15.)Has has staff morale changed in the network in the last 12 months?

16.)What do you measure staff working in the network against? (Please select all that apply)

17.)Please describe your training and development plans for your network staff.

18.)What ways can your customers communicate with your network directly? (Please select all that apply)

19.)What methods do you use to motivate your network staff ? (Please select all that apply)

20.)Please add any additional information on what makes your network outstanding from others and why you should win this award.

21.)If you qualify for the regional award finals and are asked to present your network best practices in 25 minutes or less, to a panel for judging purposes, what would you present and why?

22.)To help us understand some of your successes in this category, please upload a short (No more than 5 minute) Video (mp4) OR Audio (mp3) of you talking about your community spirit achievements in the last 12 months. DO NOT wear any corporate clothing, mention your name or company name or have anything that will allow any judge to figure out who you are or where you work!

23.)Who suggested you to enter this award (Job title only NO NAMES please) and why? (This is for background information)