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Best Contact Center Operational Manager Benchmarking Survey

1.)What type of industry sector would describe your company best? (Please select the closest one)

2.)What kind of customers does your center serve?

3.)What does the contact center do? (Please select all that apply). NOTE: If you don't have a center select N/A.

4.)What types of interactions/functions do you manage at this center? (Please select all that apply)

5.)What kind of contacts does your center handle? (Please select all that apply). If you don't have a center select N/A..

6.)What kind of calls does your center handle?

7.)What is the annual budget for the center for this year? State in US Dollars (use for conversion)
specify currency

8.)Compared to last year, has the budget for the contact center:

9.)What are the main functions of the contact center? (Please tick all that apply)

10.)Is your center available 7 days per week, 24 hours per day?

11.)If No to Q10, specify the hours you are open

12.)What was the total annual call volume handled by your center last year?

13.)Please describe the overall strategy behind the contact center, its functions and how it contributes to the overall success of your organization.

14.)What is your specific job title and key roles/responsibilities?

15.)How many years have you been an Operational Manager?

16.)How many staff are you responsible for?
Full Time
Part Time
Total FTE

17.)In the past 12 months, has the number of center staff.

18.)What is the approximate percentage of turnover of your full-time staff per annum? (Including promotion, moving to another department, leaving the company)

19.)What is the approximate percentage of total annual turnover that is just related to agents/reps leaving the company?

20.)What would you consider to be a realistic turnover rate?

21.)What are the top three reasons for staff turnover? (select ONLY 3)

22.)What strategy/strategies do you have to keep agent turnover as low as possible? (Please select all that apply.)

23.)Which strategy do you feel has resulted in the biggest reduction of agent turnover?

24.)What is your current service level agreement? (Percentage of calls handled within X seconds i.e. 80/20 = 80% of calls within 20 seconds) (Fill in 0/0 if no service level agreement is in place)
% within

25.)What is your staffing ratio for:
Supervisors/team leaders per manager?

26.)Please describe in detail how you support the overal contact center to ensure its operational when required.

27.)What is the percentage of total working days lost to absenteeism per year per agent?

28.)What methods do you use to motivate your agents? (Please select all that apply)

29.)Do you measure employee satisfaction?

30.)How is your performance measured? Please state measures and how you perform against these.

31.)Do you have a disaster recovery plan for the center?

32.)Please explain what developments you are planning to ensure operational effectiveness in years to come.

33.)What other ways can your customers communicate with your center? (Please select all that apply)

34.)How do you manage the people who report to you?

35.)What are your key performance targets/performance objectives for your center? Please also illustrate how you perform against these. List as many as you feel are relevant to this entry.

36.)What achievements have you accomplished in the last year for your center?

37.)Please tell us about a particular operational challenge and how you addressed it without compromising service.

38.)As a Manager which motivates you the most (put in order of priority where 1 is highest and 6 is lowest).
Staff and employees
Advancement of the center
My career development
If Other, please specify

39.)What are your plans for the future of the contact center operation?

40.)What additional information are you able to provide that shows why you should be considered as the best in the region for this award.

41.)If you qualify for the regional award finals and are asked to present your role / skills and knowledge in 15 minutes or less, to a panel for judging purposes, what would you present and why?