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Best Customer Service Manager Award Questions

1.)What type of industry sector would describe your company best? (Please select the closest one)

2.)How many years' experience do you have as a Customer Service Manager?

3.)What is YOUR specific job title and your key roles/responsibilities?

4.)Which of the following areas are you personally responsible for? (Please check all that apply)

5.)What skills/attributes do you believe a successful Customer Service Manager requires? Please explain in detail.

6.)What achievements have you accomplished in the last year for your company? (Please specify results where relevant)

7.)What lessons have you learnt as a Customer Service Manager?

8.)What is the most important part of your role? Please explain so we can understand the reasons behind your response?

9.)In your opinion, what are the TOP 3 metrics you should feed back to leadership from the work you do?

10.)What additional information are you able to provide that shows why you should be considered as the best in the region for this award?

11.)If you qualify for the regional award finals and are asked to present your skills, knowledge, experience in 25 minutes or less, to a panel for judging purposes, what would you present and why?