This is a printed copy of current questions for the Top Ranking Performers Awards. Note this copy does not include any routing based on answers. It is a copy of all questions and if you complete this off line, please log back into to enter the information.
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Best Home / Remote Agent Program Award Questions

1.)What type of industry sector would describe your company best? (Please select the closest one)

2.)What kind of contacts does your center handle? (Please tick all that apply). If you don't have a center select N/A

3.)What does the contact center do? (Please tick all that apply) NOTE If you don't have a center select N/A.

4.)Please outline the role of the center in detail.

5.)What were the reasons for setting up a home/remote agent program in the first place?

6.)Please describe your home agent program in detail.

7.)(1) When did you set up your home agent program? and, (2) how many employees does it cover?

8.)How do you recruit for home agents?

9.)How do you ensure home agents are adhering to quality and company standards?

10.)How do you ensure security of customer information when using home/remote agents?

11.)How do you motivate home agents?

12.)What measures of performance do you use for home agents?

13.)How many home agents do you have as a percentage of your total agent workforce?

14.)What challenges have you overcome to get to a stage where the program functions as planned?

15.)What future plans do you have for home agent program?

16.)What is the ROI of the home agent program and other benefits to the company? Please explain in as much detail as possible for the benefit of judges.

17.)What makes your home/remote agent program better than others and deserving of the award for best in the region?

18.)To help us understand some of your successes with this program, please upload a short (No more than 5 minute) Video (mp4) OR Audio (mp3) of you talking about your community spirit achievements in the last 12 months. DO NOT wear any corporate clothing, mention your name or company name or have anything that will allow any judge to figure out who you are or where you work!

19.)If you qualify for the regional award finals and are asked to present your program / award entry to a panel of judges for judging purposes, what would you cover and why?

20.)Who suggested you to enter this award (Job title only NO NAMES please) and why? (This is for background information)