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Best Customer Service Professional Benchmarking Survey

1.)What type of industry sector would describe your company best? (Please select the closest one)

2.)What does the contact center do? (Please select all that apply). NOTE: If you don't have a center select N/A.

3.)What kind of contacts does your center handle? (Please select all that apply). If you don't have a center select N/A.

4.)How many years' experience do you have as a Customer Service professional?

5.)How long have you worked at your current contact center?

6.)Please state your job title and outline your responsibilities.

7.)What level would you consider your current role at?

8.)Please describe a typical day in this role - from the time you start to the time you finish and what you get done.

9.)How many other people in your company are in the same role as you?

10.)If the answer to the question above is 5 or more, please tell us where you stand relative to the others for example are you #1, #2 etc.

11.)How do you know you are providing excellent customer service?

12.)What are your personal goals inside the contact center?

13.)What skills/attributes do you believe a successful customer service professional requires?

14.)What achievements have you accomplished in the last 12 months for your center?

15.)Are there any personal challenges that you have had to overcome to do your job? If so explain and also how you overcame them.

16.)Can you describe in detail 2 different situations/scenarios where you have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide exceptional customer service?

17.)What lessons have you learnt in your job that now make you even more successful? Please be specific and share some stories to illustrate what you mean.

18.)What additional information are you able to provide that shows why you should be named best in the region?

19.)To help us understand some of your successes in this role, please upload a short (no more than 5 minute) Video (mp4) OR Audio (mp3) of you talking about your achievements in the last 12 months. DO NOT wear any corporate clothing, mention your name or company name or have anything that will allow any judge to figure out who you are or where you work!

20.)If you qualify for the regional award finals and are asked to present your skills, knowledge, experience in 15 minutes or less, to a panel for judging purposes, what would you present and why?