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Best Improvement Award - External Consulting / Training Service Award Questions

1.)What type of industry sector would describe your company best? (Please select the closest one)

2.)What is the name of the business improvement project you are entering?

3.)Who is the client?

4.)What were the clients objectives in broad terms?

also state specific objectives below and where possible current performance
Insert Objectivecurrent score / performancetarget

5.)What type of project is this? Please select one from this list.

6.)When did you complete this project? (Please state year)

7.)How long did this project take? (from start to finish) approx.

8.)Was the main objective to (Please select one)

9.)Please state what made this project a success (refer to objectives and sate results)

Few lines to describe plus details below
insert objective / current score / performance / target / end result (include 1 or more examples)

10.)Include a testimonial from the client but make sure you do not include any names that give away YOUR company.

11.)What lessons did you learn from this project?

12.)What 5 best practices would you share about this project and why it was a success? Please detail them so judges can understand them.

13.)What are the long term benefits of this project for the client?

14.)What was the cost of the project and how much did the project make / save the company?

15.)Why do you feel this project is worthy of an award? Please explain in detail.

16.)To help us understand some of your successes of the improvement program, please upload a short (No more than 5 minute) Video (mp4) OR Audio (mp3) of you talking about your community spirit achievements in the last 12 months. DO NOT wear any corporate clothing, mention your name or company name or have anything that will allow any judge to figure out who you are or where you work!

17.)If you qualify for the finals and are asked to present your program in 25 minutes or less, to a panel for judging purposes, what would you present and why?

18.)Who suggested you to enter this award (Job title only NO NAMES please) and why? (This is for background information)