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Measure Staff Morale and Engagement with a program to suit your needs

Typical Problem!

In-house surveys can be time consuming, cumbersome at best and many staff often don't provide valid feedback as they fear ‘being too honest' with their employer for fear of retribution.

Even some 3rd party ‘managed' surveys can be challenging, costly and then there is no benchmark or significant value other than ‘managed by a 3rd party' approach, which leads to the problem of validity of data, security and integrity plus costs and time required by you.

The Solution!

TopPlace2Work is an easy to use program that allows you to gather valuable data on employee morale and engagement.

Who can use this survey tool?

Banks, hotels, insurance companies, utilities, travel, restaurants, retail stores, airlines and more... Any company with 5 or more employees.

Some key features:

  • Online system allows easy set up and management as well as reporting results - no need for anyone to compile paper based data or wait for results
  • Data is confidential - we do not share results by individuals just cumulative results from your employees so there is no fear of retribution
  • You can also create up a separate survey with additional questions - for example, you may wish to do a monthly ‘health check' survey on how they feel about certain things every month (premium service option)
  • The survey is standard and can be used anywhere in the world - for a company with multiple offices it's the same survey, same standards and results are broken down by location and also down to department if needed.
  • And, for those who would like to display the fact they have very satisfied staff (maybe in recruitment advertisements etc) we have an optional service that you can subscribe to when you are satisfied you have the necessary data - we will validate your data and upon confirming authenticity, we will present you with a certificate and logo that is valid for 12 months to show your status as a TopPlace2Work
  • The program can be made available in any language so everyone in your company can participate in their native language.
  • Finally, for those interested in benchmarking, the premium survey program also includes the option to compare data against other companies (we wont share their name, just averages by type)

Why measure staff morale and engagement?

Reduce attrition and turnover - staff who are motivated will stay longer

Improve service happy staff = happy customers

Identify trends - know what changes you make in your business improve or decrease morale

Turnover costs organizations billions each year. lost customers much more. The ideal solution is to measure staff morale, figure out how to improve morale and motivation leading to less cost and more satisfied customers!


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